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Artificial Intelligence Guided Vehicles (AIGV™)

Robotic Material Handling Vehicles with L4 Autonomy Technology

LeVO Series Artificial Intelligence Guided Vehicles™ (AIGV) offer safe, efficient, 24/7 material handling operations in highly dynamic manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Unlike traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or mainstream Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), AIGV™ technology uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and state-of-the-art mobile robotics algorithms to achieve superhuman competency, agility, and precision that allow them to work alongside humans and other industrial vehicles.

The word LeVO that we use to name our product series has its roots in Latin and has the following meanings:

  • to raise, elevate, lift up

  • to make light, lighten

  • to mitigate, alleviate, lessen

  • to relieve, ease, comfort

LeVO Series AIGV™ products are here to ease and elevate your material handling operations, to alleviate your pains, and to give you comfort.


Safer than human operators

LeVO Series AIGV™ products are equipped with an advanced array of sensors that collectively form a multi-modal sensor suite. This suite includes state-of-the-art 3D and 2D LiDARs, as well as 2D and 3D cameras, strategically positioned to ensure comprehensive 360-degree coverage with no blind spots. In addition to this impressive sensor hardware, these AIGVs are powered by highly sophisticated AI software.

This advanced AI software endows our robots with exceptional capabilities where they not only detect but also classify and continuously track both stationary obstacles and moving entities within their environment. Furthermore, the software has predictive capabilities, allowing our robots to anticipate the behaviors of these objects and agents over time. With this foresight, our robots can respond proactively and with remarkable speed, surpassing the capabilities of human operators, to prevent accidents and ensure a consistently safe operational environment.

In terms of safety, Atlas Robotics adheres to industry-leading standards in the design and manufacturing of these products. We follow recognized safety standards such as ANSI/ITSDF B56.5, ANSI/RIA R15.08, and UL 3100 throughout our product development processes. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that our products are not only technologically advanced but also among the safest in the world. Safety is a paramount concern, and our commitment to these rigorous standards reflects our dedication to producing reliable and secure equipment for our customers.


As capable as human operators

Class 3 material handling vehicles, such as pallet trucks and stackers, are often regarded as the versatile workhorses of the material handling industry. Consequently, a robotic Class 3 vehicle should possess the adaptability and skill set required to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges across various use cases and scenarios, mirroring the capabilities of a skilled human operator. Atlas Robotics achieves precisely this level of versatility and competence with their LeVO series AIGV™ products, thanks to our brilliant engineering and advanced AI-powered software.

The LeVO Series AIGV™ products are equipped with exceptionally powerful and flexible AI-based software that empowers them with high-level cognitive abilities. These capabilities enable them to proficiently address common yet demanding scenarios, such as handling damaged pallets, maneuvering through unorganized and cluttered environments, and navigating through areas with high levels of human and vehicular traffic. What sets our robots apart is their ability to seamlessly handle these challenges while maintaining optimal levels of efficiency and throughput.

In essence, the LeVO Series AIGV™ products represent a pinnacle of adaptability and competence in the realm of material handling robotics. They embody the Swiss Army knife concept by being versatile enough to address a wide array of real-world challenges, showcasing the prowess and ingenuity of Atlas Robotics in creating AI-driven solutions that rival the capabilities of skilled human operators across diverse operational scenarios.


More affordable than human operators

The emergence of cutting-edge technology and robotic solutions has typically been associated with substantial financial investments. With the introduction of the LeVO Series AIGV™ products, affordability is no longer a distant aspiration; it is a reality.

Atlas Robotics is democratizing access to advanced technology by offering the LeVO Series AIGV™ products, which seamlessly blend affordability with a performance level of highly skilled human operators. This isn't just about putting robots in the hands of a select few; it's about making these cutting-edge solutions accessible to a wider spectrum of businesses.

The advantages extend beyond accessibility. Our products not only reduce the initial capital expenditure associated with advanced technology adoption but also bring about substantial direct and indirect cost savings for our valued customers. The direct savings materialize through reduced labor costs as our robots can handle tasks that would otherwise require skilled human operators. Additionally, they operate around the clock, optimizing resource utilization and production timelines.

Indirect cost savings are equally compelling. With their precision and reliability, our robots minimize errors and production downtime. This translates to fewer expenses linked to product defects, rework, and disruptions in workflow. Furthermore, the deployment of AIGV™ products can enhance workplace safety by removing humans from potentially hazardous environments, thereby reducing insurance and workers' compensation costs.

Unlike mainstream AMRs, LeVO Series AIGV™ products are equipped with cutting edge AI algorithms that enable them to have robust and multi-modal semantic understanding of the world around them to be able to make more informed, smarter, and human-like decisions. That level of sophisticated cognitive ability makes our autonomous forklifts as flexible and capable as the most experienced human operators.


Using 360° 3D LiDAR scans and the natural appearance-based visual features detected by their cameras, LeVO Series AIGV™ products can localize themself and navigate safely in their work environment without requiring any additional instrumentation or infrastructure setup like lines or magnetic tapes on the ground, or surveyed reflective markers on the walls and shelves throughout the facility.


Using their multi-modal sensors with 360° coverage and their sophisticated Machine Learning based object classification and scene understanding algorithms, LeVO Series AIGV™ products can distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other objects, and can perform safe, human and traffic aware navigation.


LeVO Series AIGV™ products do not require architectural drawings or surveying of the facility. They create their maps and spatio-temporally track all static and dynamic obstacles during their operation to maintain up-to-date maps of their deployment site.


LeVO Series AIGV™ products seamlessly integrate with the existing workflows, warehouse and plant management systems (WMS/ERP), and even certain infrastructure elements, like automatic door controllers, to carry out their tasks with no human involvement and with the highest efficiency.



Working with Atlas Robotics has been tremendously helpful in our process automation efforts. Their system has already improved workplace safety, and we are very happy about that.

Gökhan Işık, Factory Manager, Sütaş Group

I was extremely pleased to witness the successful deployment of Atlas AIGV in our highly dynamic production and warehouse facilities. Kudos to the Atlas Robotics team!

Metin Başpınar, Continuous Improvement Executive, Sütaş Group




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