Artificial Intelligence
Guided Vehicles™ (AIGV)

Robotic Material Handling Vehicles Equipped with
L4 Autonomous Navigation Technology

About Us

Atlas Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot solutions in the form of Artificial Intelligence Guided Vehicles™ (AIGV) for flexible, safe, and efficient fulfillment of various material handling needs. Its founding and management teams bring decades of experience in autonomous mobile robot technologies and IT solutions to the industry.

  • Our Vision is to make artificially intelligent mobile robots an integral part of every manufacturing plant and warehouse.
  • Our Mission is to maximize safety, productivity, and efficiency in all indoor material transport and handling operations.
  • Our Values are;
    • leading with integrity,
    • celebrating diversity and creativity,
    • having a bias for action, and
    • delivering results.


Experience Mind Over Matter™ with Atlas AIGV™ Technology

Atlas Robotics designs and develops AIGV™ kits that are composed of a custom packaging of sensing, computing, and networking components as well as our proprietary autonomy software that are tightly integrated with the base platforms provided by our solution partners to turn those industrial vehicles into highly intelligent mobile robots with the following capabilities.

Natural Navigation

Using 360° 3D LiDAR scans and the natural appearance-based features detected by their cameras, AIGV™s can localize themself and navigate safely in their work environment without requiring any additional instrumentation or infrastructure setup.

Safe Operation

Using their multi-modal sensors and sophisticated Machine Learning based object classification and scene understanding algorithms, AIGV™s can distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other objects, and can perform safe, human and traffic aware navigation.

Dynamic Map Updates

AIGV™s do not require architectural drawings or surveying of the facility. They create their own maps and spatio-temporally track all static and dynamic obstacles during their operation to maintain up-to-date maps of their deployment site.

Seamless Integration

AIGV™s seamlessly integrate with the existing workflows, warehouse and plant management systems, and even certain infrastructure elements, like automatic door controllers, to carry out their tasks with high efficiency.


Atlas Robotics offers a portfolio of AIGV™ products to suit various material handling use cases.

  • All
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Stackers

Step into the Future of Material Handling

Contact us, if you're interested in integrating safer and reliable autonomous material handling solutions to realize significant cost-savings in your operations.


Atlas Robotics is founded and managed by world experts with decades of experience in developing and deploying autonomous robotic products and large scale IT solutions.



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Atlas Robotics has offices both in Turkey and the USA. Please fill out the following form or use our email address below to reach out to us for your inquiries.

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